Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

There are seven intelligences within Gardner's Theory, and they include:  verbal/linguistic, logical//mathematical, visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, musical/rhythmic, interpersonal/social, and intrapersonal/introspective.

Verbal/linguistic is learning through reading, hearing, seeing words, speaking writing, and discussions.

Logical//mathematical is learning through working with patterns and relationships, classifying, and abstract thinking.

Visual/spatial is learning through working with pictures and colors, visualizing, and drawings.

Bodily/kinesthetic is learning through touching, moving, and processing knowledge through bodily sensations.

Musical/rhythmic is learning through rhythm, melody, singing, listening to music and melodies.

Interpersonal/social is learning through sharing, comparing, relating, interviewing, and/or cooperating.

Intrapersonal/introspective is learning by working alone, self paced projects, and reflecting.

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