Welcome to the Applied Microbiology course at Strom Thurmond High School in Johnston, South Carolina.  The students in this class are juniors and seniors who have successfully completed at least one chemistry course.  The teacher is Sandra Gladden, who has taught various science classes at STHS since 1986.

In this part of the course we are studying viruses and will cover the following topics:

We will review the Structure and Function of the Nucleic Acids, DNA and RNA in our lesson on the www.

We will make a catalog of pathogenic viruses, classifying them as to virus type, mode of transmission, symptoms of disease and epidemiology.

We will learn about the lytic and lysogenic cycles of viruses.

We will explore the different ways that viruses are used in genetic engineering.


You can find lots of information about viruses on the www.

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(January, 2002)
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