This portion of the training session will be an overview/review.  I will introduce myself to the participants and make certain they understand why they are here and that this training session is regarding academic advisement.  I will then ask them if any of them have any experience in academic advising at the college level.  For those who have I will stress to them that the purpose of this session is not to reinvent the wheel, but to highlight what is unique to USC Aiken regarding academic advisemengt.  I will ask each participant to give her/his definition of academic advising.  I will then convey to them the definition of academic advising as expressed by the National Association of Academic Advising (NACADA).  I will also present to them the mission statement and academic advising standards and guidelines as determined by NACADA.  At the end of this portion of the session I will briefly highlight the goals and objectives of the entire session.


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   (January, 2002)
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