My name is Marshall E. Davis and I am the Director of Advisement Services at the University of South Carolina Aiken.  The training session that I will be facilitating is designed for new faculty at the University of South Carolina Aiken who are required to advise in their designated disciplines.  At the conclusion of the session it is my hope that the participants will feel confident and comfortable relaying information to their advisees that will assist them in the development of meaningful educational plans compatible with their life goals.  Through the information presented it is my desire that the participants will recognize the difference between true academic advising and merely selecting and scheduling courses.  It is also my desire that they will realize that a positive relationship must be established between advisor and advisee for effective academic advising to develop.

So there won't be any confusion, the picture below is not a picture of my staff.  It is a picture of the size staff I dream of having instead of my staff of one.


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  (January, 2002)
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