This is the main page of the USC Aiken Human Resources Department's New Employee Orientation Program featuring the three team members in the office. I am Maria Chandler, the Human Resources Director and your guide for this page!

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JoAnn Davis has been with USCA since 1988. For the first few years, she worked for  both the Maintenance Department and Human Resources. Since 1991, JoAnn has worked in Human Resources full time. And, boy, are we ever glad! JoAnn handles all payroll issues. She is also the poster woman for Customer Service!  Please stop by and ask to see pictures of JoAnn's first grandaughter, Caroline!

Carla Hayes graduated from USCA in 1997. She majored in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance. Carla is currently working on her MEd at USC. She has worked at USCA since 1997. In 2000, she joined the Human Resources team. Carla is our Benefits Adminstrator and our Training Coordinator.  She is also an avid Atlanta Braves fan!

Maria Chandler earned her bachelor's degree from Towson University. She is currently 12 credits away from earning her Masters! Maria joined USCA in 1997 as a Human Resources Specialist and then became the Director in 1999. Maria handles Employee Relations and is the Affirmative Action Officer for the Aiken campus. She is an avid USCA Pacers fan!

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What JoAnn, Carla and I DON'T look like!!!!

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