Johnny Spears'  Low Energy Beaches Links Page


 Hello!  My name is Johnny Spears.  I teach seventh grade science at Schofield Middle School in Aiken, South Carolina. My students are the best! We work on many different concepts in class, even some environmental science.  During our study of ecosystems and environments, I like to focus on everyone's favorite vacation spot - the coast.

Go to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Web site to get up to date tidal information, current fishing trends, and current news from around the state.

Check out pictures of your favorite seashore creatures here.  See if you can put a name to any strange creatures that you have found to previous trips to the beach.

Go to the Audobon Society web site and search to find coastal birds that you may or may not have seen.

See if you can find any areas where a low energy beach might form on the coast.  Go to and enter a location.  See if you can find a low energy beach on a map.

Go to the lesson home page. (title page)

Go to the first page of the lesson.

Go to the second page of the lesson.

See the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center.

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