Reptiles, Amphibians, and Mammals, Oh My!



Hello!  My name is Jennifer Merriett.  I am a sixth grade teacher at Aiken Middle School in South Carolina.  I graduated from the University of South Carolina in Aiken December of 2000.  I am currently taking graduate courses at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center at USC-Aiken.  I teach both Math and Science classes.  I have 100 wonderful students that I see daily.  They enjoy Science because of labs, hands-on manipultives, pictures, and the interesting topics.  The last topic we discussed was animals.  I found that most of my students could identify a fish and bird.  However, several of them mixed up mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.  In my WWW lesson page, I will define reptiles, give examples, and provide links for you to visit.  I hope you enjoy.



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The views expressed are not necessarily those of the University of South Carolina Aiken. (January, 2001)