Hi, My name is Marie Hall and I have the most wonderful Kindergarten class in Richmond in the State of Georgia in the world!  I have 8 girls and 6 boys in my class.

Here are some fun facts we have learned and you should know about penguins.

Penguin Facts

            The penguin is a wonderful animal! It isn't so wonderful when it pecks you, but it's just a curious animal.  It has a very small appetite.  The penguin eats krill and fish.  Every once and a while, if he's hungry enough a squid or two.


            Penguins live in cold places such as Antarctica.  They make their home in a nest-like area called a rookery.  Icy cold water is what they like to swim in.


            The penguin is a playful bird.  It slides off the cliff on their bare stomach.  They also push each other off cliffs.


                It is not all fun and games as a penguin.  Penguins have enemies too.  The penguin's most feared foe is the sea leopard.  The also have the killer whale to worry about.

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