Jerome Garcia

Glenn Hills High School

Chemistry 1A


This course is General Chemistry 1A introduces the basic principles of chemistry.  The course of study begins with a review of metric system, scientific notation, and precise measurements.  Additional topics included:  electrovalence and formula writing, balancing equations and the mole concept.  The theroretical relationshps of electron configuration, chemical bonding, atomic and molecular structure, and the periodic table are described.


The Periodic Table is divided into three major section metals, metalloids, and nonmetal.  In this lesson we will look at the history and periodic properties of the elements.  The student should have a blank periodic table (ask teacher).  The student will  look at each  property and fill in the table.  The student will use the links to help locate more information about each element.  Upon completion of the periodic table, the student should look for patterms in the information gathered.  The exercise will allow the student to become more familiar with the periodic table and gain knowledge that will help the student understand other chemical concepts.



Link Page

History of the Periodic Tabe

Periodic Prperties

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