Textbook Accountability

at North Augusta High School

Marc L. Funderburk

Assistant Principal


Issuing Textbooks

Teachers should issue textbooks to every student in the class.  The proper procedure for issuing textbooks is to place the student's name and teacher's name in the front of the book.  All books are the property of the state of South Carolina.  Every book has a designated place in the front of the book to place a book number, the date, the student's name, and the teacher's name.  Some teachers may have to issue more than one book to a student depending on the subject area.  A textbook list is also maintained for each class.  The textbook list is the inventory list for the classroom teacher.  In other words, the textbook list is a record of the number of books charged to the teacher.  The teacher is also able to periodically check on the status of books during the year using the textbook list.  Textbooks checks should take place approximately every 4 1/2 weeks.

Lost and Damaged Textbooks

Even though students are not charged for using textbooks, they are responsible for lost or damaged textbooks.  During textbook checks, teachers may discover that students have lost their books.  Fines and replacement costs are assessed to students based on the value of the book.  Books have a value based on the contract price given to schools from the state department of education.  Information on book fees and costs is posted in the teacher workroom and available from the textbook manager.  If a student has to pay for a lost book during the year, they should see the textbook manager.  The textbook manager collects for the books, receipts the student, and sends the new book to the teacher.

End of the Year Textbook Procedures

At the end of the school year, the teacher will conduct a final book check.  At this time, a end of year form is used to assess any damages to the books and to list replacement costs for lost books.  The teacher may collect monies for lost or damaged books and should receipt the students.  If students do not pay the teachers by the last school day, the form is sent to the office.  Report cards will be held if any fees are not paid, and students will not be allowed to register for the next school year.  Seniors owing money will not be allowed to graduate.

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