Textbook Ordering/Returning

at North Augusta High School

Marc L. Funderburk

Assistant Principal

Textbook Ordering

Teachers at North Augusta High School must order textbooks from the assistant principal in charge of instructional materials.  This person is commonly referred to as the textbook manager.

At the beginning of the year, each classroom teacher will be given a teaching assignment and class rosters.  Teachers will order books according to the book code and title.  The quantity of books ordered is based on the number of students on the class rosters.  A textbook requisition form is provided to order books.  The forms must be completed in duplicate form.  One copy will remain with the teacher for their records and one will be kept by the textbook manager.  The orders are filled when the completed forms are logged in by the textbook manager.

Textbook Returning

Teachers at North Augusta High School may return textbooks to the textbook manager by using the textbook return form.  Students that change classes or transfer to other schools will return their textbooks to the classroom teacher.  Teachers may also elect to keep books in their rooms for new students.  However, teachers must keep an accurate count of their books.  As with ordering, teachers should return two forms to the textbook manager.  The forms should include the book code, title, and quantity returned.  The quantity returned is taken off the total charged to that particular teacher.

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