Textbook Procedures

at North Augusta High School

Marc L. Funderburk

Assistant Principal


Textbook management is a vital part of the public school system in South Carolina.  Schools in South Carolina are given an amount of funding based on student enrollment for ordering textbooks.  Every subject area adopted by the state is funded on a rotating basis as approved by the legislature.  Individual schools are held accountable for the books they order from the textbook depository.  The administration, usually an assistant principal, is in charge of ordering textbooks and maintaining the inventory of books at each school.  Teachers must request textbooks from the administrator and issue them to their students.  When books have been issued, teachers must share in the responsibility of maintaining the inventory.

In every school, certain procedures must be followed to ensure that all students have textbooks.  In the following pages, the textbook procedures at North Augusta High School will fully explained.

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