Hello my name is Kevin Butler.  I am a technology education teacher at Jet Middle School in Edgefield, SC.  In my class, 6th, 7th and 8th graders learn Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel and various other software.  With this lesson the students will have an opportunity to use three applications of Microsoft Office 97.



 Taste the Rainbow using Word, Power Point and Excel

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In this site, students research the evolution of computer technology by using the Internet.  After completing their research, the students will share their findings using Microsoft Power Point.


The purpose of this lesson is to build on student's understanding of methods of investigating data analysis.  Students work cooperatively to develop a spreadsheet to project the profits of the math club annual candy sale.  The students will use a pie chart to show total sales.


In this site, students are given hand outs on the origins of the computer, how it is used today, and basic instructions on using Microsoft Word to create documents.  The students will take the hand outs home to read before their lab experience.  This lesson serves as an introduction to word processing with other lessons on Microsoft Word.

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