Hello my name is Kevin Butler.  I am a technology education teacher at Jet Middle School in Edgefield, SC.  In my class, 6th, 7th and 8th graders learn Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel and various other software.  With this lesson the students will have an opportunity to use three applications of Microsoft Office 97.

                   Taste the Rainbow using Word, Power Point and Excel

                *TSWBAT type an essay using a word processing software.
                *TSWBAT create a graph using a spreadsheet application.
                *TSWBAT create a multimedia presentation.

Instructional Materials:
                Microsoft Office 97 or higher version
     Skittle Candy
                Approximately 5 large bags of Skittles

 Paper Plates


    Teacher will begin lesson with anticipatory set.  He will hold up a bag of Skittles and ask the students to name their favorite flavor.  Students will be divided into groups 4-5 depending on class size.  The teacher will then pass out plates and dispense large amounts of Skittles to each group.  Each group will separate their Skittles according to flavor.  Each group will use Excel to create a pie chart representing the flavor distribution within their group.  The teacher will keep tally of each group findings on the dry erase board.  From the teachers tallies, each group will make a total class column graph.  After graphing,  each group will create a Power Point presentation to explain their findings.  The pie charts from group results, as well as, the total class results will be copy/pasted from Excel to Power Point.  At this time, each group may eat their Skittles.  Finally, the students will use word to type a descriptive essay about their favorite Skittle flavor.


You can evaluate groups on their projects using the following three point rubric:

Three points: worked cooperatively; carefully prepared Excel pie charts and used proper explanation of group and class results in Power point presentation.

Two points:  worked cooperatively; prepared Excel pie charts and moderately used explanation of group and class results in Power point presentation.

One point:  had difficulties working cooperatively; failed to prepare Excel pie charts and use proper explanation of group and class results in Power Point presentation.

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