The History of Atomic Models

Sandy S. Bryan

Wagener-Salley High School


This lesson is for Mrs. Bryan's ninth grade physical science classes.  This lesson, The History of Atomic Models, corresponds to chapter five section one from our text book.  Specifically, this lesson is about five scientists and their contributions to the atomic model, as well as the currently accepted wave model.  The scientists we will study include Democritus, John Dalton, J.J. Thompson, Ernest Rutherford, and Neils Bohr.  The important concept here is that no one scientist created the entire "picture" of the atomic model.  Instead, each person added a "piece" to the model, or puzzle if you will, using the scientific method.  Remember, the model is still in progress.  You may be the next scientist who adds another "piece" to the atomic model "puzzle."  The scientific method is a never-ending cycle.

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