Amy Arico

Welcome to a "Sedimentary Rocks" lesson.  I am currently teaching twenty-five third grade standards at Chukker Creek Elementary, and I needed information on Sedimentary Rocks.  I explored different resources, combined them, and hopefully this will you help to further your knowledge about this subject matter as much as it helped me while creating it.

Explore the sites below to find more information on Sedimentary Rocks and More!!

Search here to find great information about the basic types of rocks:  sedimentary,
metamorphic, and igneous.  You can find general information about sedimentary
rocks, information on carbonate rocks, and more on siliciclastic rocks.

Search here to find more general information on how sedimentary
rocks are formed and the different types.

Click here to find details on the rock cycle and great
pictures to help visualize how they are formed.

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