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My Name is Vicki Carlberg and I teach Kindergarten at Warrenville Elementary School. I have worked with young children for the past 20+ years except for 5 years when I taught Child Development courses at Aiken Technical College. Even there I worked with my students at the on-campus Child Development Center which is a lab school setting for 3-5 year olds. I have two very diverse hobbies that I enjoy. The first is reading about and helping my husband work on our 1960 MGA convertible. We have had the car since 1972 and have done nearly all of the engine and interior work ourselves. We have belonged to MG and/or British Car Clubs in other states and hope to join the newly formed antique car club here in the CSRA.






My second hobby is cooking, but not the everyday "dinner" variety. I love making appetizers, soups and desserts. I enjoy trying recipes from whatever region we are living in at that particular time. I also enjoy trying to find complementary California wines to serve with the dishes I serve. I have spent several vacations visiting different wineries and sampling the wines that the winery feels are their specialty.










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