Celeste Walton

I teach seventh grade at Kennedy Middle School in Aiken, South Carolina. I teach on a block schedule. The subjects I teach are literature and language arts.

Lesson Title: Poets and Their Lives

The lesson that I am presenting on this web page is a lesson that presents background information on several different poets with links to some of their poems and biographies.


Using his wit and intelligence, Langston Hughes re-created in prose and poetry all aspects of the lives of ordinary black Americas-people he knew whose lives he felt were rich and exciting. Hughes' writing reflects his work as a cook, launderer, busboy, and seaman; his life in Harlem: his worldwide travels; and the influences of Paul Laurence Dunbar, Carl Sandburg, andWalt Whitman. Like Sandburg, Hughes popularized his poetry through his immensely humourous public recitations. Along with poetry, he wrote plays, novels, short stories, song lyrics, and juvenile fiction.

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