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I teach seventh grade at Kennedy Middle School in Aiken, South Carolina. I teach on a block schedule. The subjects I teach are literature and language arts.

Lesson Title: Poets and Their Lives

The lesson that I am presenting on this web page is a lesson that presents background information on several different poets with links to some of their poems and biographies.


Robert Frost (1875-1963)

Robert Frost lived in rural New England for most of his life. His poetry is set in the rugged New England landscape he called home. Frost shied away from writing anything personal. In fact, the tragedies in his life-including the early deaths of his moster, father, and wife, the deaths of two of his children in infancy, and the suicide ofhis son- do not figure in his poetry. Rather, his poetry is free of bitterness and is positive and compassionate. One of his recurring themes is the way people relate to their surroundings.

Besides receiving four Pulitzer prizes, Frost was nominated for the Nobel Prize and received forty honorary degrees from colleges and universities, including Cambridge and Oxford.

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