Celeste Walton

I teach seventh grade at Kennedy Middle School in Aiken, South Carolina. I teach on a block schedule. The subjects I teach are literature and language arts.

Lesson Title: Poets and Their Lives

The lesson that I am presenting on this web page is a lesson that presents background information on several different poets with links to some of their poems and biographies.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)



Henry Wadsworth Longfellow took a romantic view of life. He felt courage and nobility could conquer all and that people were committed to being spiritually good and true. His father had hoped that he would one day become a lawyer. Longfellow, however, had a different idea. He decided at an early age that he would persue a literary career. Being scholarly, he entered Bowdoin College at the age of fourteen and graduated fourth in his class at eighteen. After graduating, he traveled in Eupope, but returned to become a professor of languages at Bowdoin and later at Harvard. Longfellow is associated with a group of poets known as the Fireside Poets, since their work often attracted a family audience that would read the poems aloud while sitting around the fireplace.



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