Karen Kyle

I am presently subbing in the Aiken School District. My last long term sub job was at Aiken Elementary in a third grade class for eleven weeks. One of my children also attend there.

Making a Model of your City

This lesson was prepared with the third grade class mentioned above in mind.We had started to study about communinities. I just extended it to make it a more hands on multimedia approach. This lesson is also the culminating activity of my thematic unit," Your Community and its Place on the map." The first Powerpoint lesson was on what is a community, the similarities and differences and what makes each community special and ours in particular. The second Hyperstudio lesson was on making a map of the neighborhood. The students learned the definition of a map and a globe, a map key or legend, and its symbols and other related words. They also found out a room is in a house on a street in a town in a state in our country on the earth. Then they made a map of their room or house and their neighborhood. In the third lesson we are further assessing and applying their knowledge and they are learning how to work together as a cohesive unit.


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