Johnny Dodge

University of South Carolina Aiken

Carpentry Lesson. A Lesson on the Terminology and Fundamentals of Building Steps or Stairs.
Stair Terminology

The three main parts of any stairs or steps are the risers, the treads, and the stringers.

The risers are the vertical distance you step up to with each step.

The treads are the horizontal distance or depth of each step (NOT INCLUDING THE LIP) 

And last but not least are the stringers which are the long diagonal boards that support everything.

To figure the stringer 2 things must be known.

1.The total rise or vertical distance to cover and-

2. The total run or horizontal distance to cover.

An appropriate size for a single riser would be 7" to 7 5/8"

A single run should not be less than 9" or more than 12"

To figure the stringers : Total Rise is divided by the size of the stringer appropriate for the steps.

If total rise = 10' & the risers are 7" you will have 16 risers. (120" divided by 7" minus the top riser.)



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