Kandy's Hobbie Page

Hello, I'm Kandy and I'm going to share some of my hobbies with you. I thouroughly enjoy many different crafts. I love to do any type of needlework.

I enjoy crocheting. I have made afghans for my husband, my father, and my niece and her husband. I have also made baby afghans for my great-niece and my husband. I like keeping my hands busy. I have also crocheted angels with fine thread. They are so pretty. My daughter requested one to take back to her college dorm. I was honored that my work would have a place in my daughter's dorm room. All three of my children have requested that I make them an afghan. I hope to accommodate them some day.

I also enjoy working with plastic canvas needlepoint. My last project was to make 25 needlepoing heart magnets for my Young At Hearts Club ministry. These were used as favors for the February meeting. Everyone enjoyed them. I have also done things for baby's rooms, tissue box holders, frames, coasters and coaster boxes.

I used to enjoy doing counted cross stitch; however since I am getting older my eyes have trouble doing fine work such as this. I keep hoping that one day my eyes will adjust.

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