Brenda H. Westbrook

I am employed with the Richmond County Public School System. My work site is located in Hephzibah, Georgia 30815. Presently I am a Title 1 Instructor at Jamestown Elementary. Reading and Mathematics are the two subject areas that I teach. Additionally, I serve as the schools' Math In Resident Teacher. Also, I implemented a school wide program for grades kindergarten through fifth, Jamestown Math/Science Club.

The editor and founder of Jamestown Knight Yearbook. The first edition was published in 1994 and is still contiuned each year.

Implemented an Outdoors Science Lab for Grades K-5.

Grant writer for the school and have been the recipant of five grants.

To assist in the increase of ITBS scores I added to our school curriculum morning trivial questions daily for grades K-5. The questions are taken from the curriculum objectives for each grade level.

A very active mother of a set of twins and devoted to my church and its mission. I enjoy teaching the the Primary Sunday School Class.

Earth Wormy Forest (EWF)

EWF is an acronym for Earth Wormy Forest. The lesson is appropriate for a spectrum of grade levels that is parallel to those experiences students find in the real world. Students will work cooperatively together using recycled, reused hands-on manipulatives, activities, and experiments relating science and mathematics together. EWF will reduce excessive time spent using paper and pencil activities. They will also carry out a series of investigations that scientists have designed to gather data about the Earth and how it functions as a global system. The students will use their senses to observe the environment at multiple sites around our school, make measurements, record data they gather, save it in a permanent school data record, and use technology to send to the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment. (GLOBAL)

Also, students will use the internrt to share their finding to scientists, and other GLOBAL students around the world.



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