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My name is Chuck Niemeyer, a teacher at Lakeside High School. I teach Ecology.

Endangered Species Plants and animal species are being lost at an alarming rate, mostly due to human activities. Some scientists think we are losing as many as one hundred species a day!

The main causes of extinction of animal species are habitat destruction, over hunting, exotic species introduction, capture for pet and zoo trade, pollution, and to a smaller degree traditional medicine and ritual use of animal artifacts.

More than Fifty percent of all all species on the earth live in the tropical rainforest biome. This biome is being destroyed at a rapid rate. People are logging and mining the forest, and clearing the forest for agruculture. The rainforest lies on only seven percent of the land surface of the earth. So with so many different species on such a little bit of space, when some is lost, it represents a huge loss of biodiversity.

While it is bad that countries with tropical rainforests allow them to be destroyed, we are all responsible for this loss when we purchase products that came from areas that were once rainforest. Products like beef, bannanas, strawberries, coffee, tropical hardwoods, and other products could have come from destroyed rainforests. Find out where your consumer goods come from and boycott rainforest products. Some products like rubber and nuts are harvested without harming the forest and should get our consumer support.

Years from now will our grandchildren blame us for the loss of the worlds diversity or celebrate the abundance of life. We will need to make some changes now if we can expect them to share the earth with more than just cows, rats, and cochroaches.

We have many opportunites now to do something to protect the species we still have left.




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