Kaye McNeil

My name is Kaye McNeil and currently I teach English as a Second Language to 7th, 8th, and 9th grade international students at Aiken Preparatory School in Aiken, S.C. I teach each of of my students individually for a forty-five minute class. My students range from a 7th grader, who at the beginning of the school year had limited English, to my 9th graders, one of whom has been studying English since 2nd grade and the other student has studied in England before coming to APS. My individual class instruction is necessary since my students' proficiencies in English vary.

In this lesson I will be teaching spatial prepositions using graphics and an explanation of the relationship between the objects or persons.




The sun is above the cloud.


The glue is beside the highlighter.



The pencil is below the pen.

The pencil is under the pen.

The pen is above the pencil.


The oval is around the triangle.

The triangle is in the oval.

The triangle is within the oval.

The triangle is inside the oval.

The arrow is going toward the oval.

The oval is in front of the arrow.

The rectangle is behind the arrow.

The arrow is the rectangle and the oval.

Now you know some spatial prepositions.

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