"An In-Depth Look At Knowing Yourself And The Job"

TEACHER: Maria McKinney-Heath

I was a High School Business Education teacher for 12 years before beginning my present job for Westinghouse, Savannah River Site. I also taught homebound and Adult Education simultaneously with the High School teaching job for 7 of those 12 years. During my 12 years of teaching, I taught a variety of Business courses, such as: Business Law, Business English, Office Occupations, Introductory Data Processing, Accounting I & II, Shorthand I & II, Record Keeping, and Keyboarding.

CLASS: Various Business Courses (High School Level)

This Lesson, UNLOCK YOUR INTERVIEW POWER, "An In-Depth Look At Knowing Yourself And The Job", is a typical lesson which would be used in teaching Job Interviewing Skills. This lesson is usually taught in Office Occupations or Business English courses but could be incorporated into most Business courses.


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