Sally McClellan

I am an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of South Carolina Aiken. I also direct the USCA Children's Center. I teach two methods classes in our teacher education program for early childhood students. I teach a class which discusses Math and Science and another one which explores Social Studies and Creative Arts. Each of these classes also includes a practicum course. Students are in area public schools for their practicum. Each semester my students have an assignment which requires that they develop a unit. I share with them an example of a unit. The topic of the unit I share is Bread Bread Bread. One of the lessons which is included in that unit is about yeast.

Yeast in Bread

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Go the Fleishman's Yeast to learn more about yeast. Fleishman's is a common provider of yeast.

Go to What's Cooking to find more recipes for making all kinds of bread.

Go to to discover many books which can be used in learning about bread or planning lessons about bread. The kids section is very beneficial for my students.

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