Civil Rights



Mr. Gamble is a fourth grade teacher, who is excited that the class is happy to learn about black history and the many pioneers who have paved the way for all Americans. Mr.Gamble is proud of his students for her interest and hardwork in learning about many different people and their contributions to civil rights.

The student will be able to establish a personal connection for what civil rights are by creating a graphic organizer. The student will be able to identify words that relate to the context of civil rights. See title page. Before getting into the unit on civil rights the teacher will put a series of vacabulary words associated with the unit. The word listed is shown below:

civil rights


Reconstruction period



Rosa Parks



Martin Luther King



Confederate states


Jim Crow Laws

Brown v. Bd. of Edu.

There are many persons were have made a great contribution to civil rights. One such person is Thurgood Marshall. Thurgood Marshall is known as "Mr. Civil Rights". Thurgood Marshall is known for defending many segregational issues through the justice system. Click here to find more information foe first link Thurgood Marshall.

Another great defender of social justice is Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks challenge many of the Jim Crows laws of the South by refusing to give up her seat on the bus. She is known for her courage and standing up for the rights of all citizens regardless of race or ethnicity. Click her to find more details of this famous black American.Rosa Parks.

Lastly, Meagan Evers, a slain civil rights activist, was killed rallying up black voters in Mississippi. He believed that in order for blacks to functional in the political world they must be able to vote. He believed that voting is a strong force for change. Click here to find more about Meager Evers.

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