My name is Ella Rucker Baker. I am a Teacher-Therapist at Sand Hills PsyChoeducational Program in Augusta, Georgia. I have been teaching for the last seventeen years. These years include military, cooperate world and working with severely emotionally disturbed/autistic children. I have seven students, a full time teaching assistant, a part time teaching assistant, and a social worker. These students range from five years old to nine years old. They are very energetic and eager to learn at times.





Lesson Objectives

The students will:


Each child grows at his or her own special rate. Boys and girls grow at about the same rate until age 11. After that, girls grow faster for a few years and then boys catch up. Most people reach their full adult height by age 17 or 18, but some people grow until they are about 20 years old.

Nobody's body is exactly the same as anybody else's. Each child has unique fingerprints and a special face and voice.

Growing also means learning and developing new skills. As your childrens bodies grow, they develop their abilities to think, feel, and use their special knowledge and talents.

Another kind of growing is learning new ideas and learning to do new things.




Have volunteers tell how they have changed ang grown over the school year.


Larger or Smaller?

Display the pictures of large animals and small animals

Display the pictures one at a time. Ask:

 Summary: Have students name all the animals they can that they are smaller or larger than.




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