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     Do you ever feel like the only thing you do is work?  Well, I do.  I have days where I just need to get away from everyday stresses.  I enjoy waterskiing, playing softball, working out, shopping, and scrapbooking.
    I have been waterskiing since I was two years old.  My dad threw me out on skis and made me learn.  I have skiied on one ski, two skis, trick skis, and shoe skis; not to mention wakeboarding and kneeboarding.  There has not been a summer yet that I have not skied and I would not miss one for the world.  Waterskiing is a fun sport that everyone should try.  If you are interested in waterskiing or would like to know more about it, click on the addresses below to see and learn more!


    I have played softball since I was six years old.  I played for Midland Valley High School from seventh to twelth grade.  My positions were pitcher (fastpitch), first baseman, and outfielder.  I have coached my church league for the past three years.  We have placed first two out of the three years.  To learn more about softball and fastpitch, click on the addresses below.


    Scrapbooking is a wonderful, but time consuming hobby.  When I want to lock myself in my room, I get out my pictures and make designer pages that will last a lifetime.  My aunt sells Creative Memories.  She got me started.  All women (and men) should try scrapbooking.  The results will be appreciated by your children, their children, their grandchildren, etc.  To see what scrapbooking is like and what it involves, visit the sites below.


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