Kathy Marbert

    I am incredibly happily married to a wonderful Christian man.  I have three children.  Josh is my oldest at 9 years old and is in the fourth grade.  Katelyn, at 7 years, is in the first grade, and Abbie, 5, is in Kindergarten.  My days consist of house-cleaning, kid-cleaning, and transporting kids all over town.  Actually that just scratches the surface, but does take up the majority of my time.
    I taught school for 5 years after graduating from Clemson university in 1986.  The first year and a half was spent teaching in an inner-city school in Durham, NC.  In 1988, my husband and I moved to Aiken, SC, where I taught in a self-contained LD class at Aiken Elementary School.  Afterwards, I taught third grade for 3 years.  Since September of1991, when Josh was born, I have been "retired".
    My faith in Jesus Christ is of key importance in my life.  My church family at New Covenant Presbyterian Church is also very important to me.

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