Jerome Garcia

A graduate from the University of South Florida and currently teaching at Glenn Hills High School.

My Hobby

My hobby is running.  Running can give you the power of concentration.  When you run, it's just you and the road you can think about the problems that need solving and you will be surprised at the solutions.  Running can also bring down your blood pressure, cause you to lose weight, andgive you more energy.  To get you started on a running program seethe ads below and click on them or return to introducing Jerome.


First thing a runner needs is a good pair of shoes.  To find a good pair of shoes at a reasonable price click on the pair ofshoes.  (shoes on line)


To help you get started with a program click on the food group below.  This will put you in touch with other runners (Dead Runners Society).  You can get advise on running, various opinoins on training programs, buying the right pair of shoes, and tips on any subject.


The third thing you will need is to keep track of your training.  It will require you, to write down your times and the amount of miles ran.  To start keeping track of your training program click on the picture below.

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