Kim Allen's Hobbies Page

Two of my favorite hobbies are Bunko and collecting Longaberger Baskets.

What is Bunko?  I had never heard of Bunko either until a friend of mine started a Bunko group at our school.   All 12 of us meet once a month to play this dice game.  Well, really it is a time to get out of our houses and socialize, laugh, and have fun.  This has made the school year seem more enjoyable knowing once a month we can all meet at someones house and relax.

I also recently started collecting Longaberger Baskets. I'm originally from Columbus, Ohio and the Longaberger Basket company is about 1 hour from where my parents live.  They took me on a tour of the company and I have been hooked on these baskets ever since.  I have now collected five of them.  Unfortunately the only way you can purchase the baskets is to go to a home party.

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