DR. John Carroll Wates

Personal Page of Carroll Wates, Ed.D

Director, Strom Thurmond Career Center


Ed.D in Vocational and Technical Education, Administration, 1990, Clemson University

Masters Degree in Agricultural Education, 1976, Clemson University

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education, 1975, Clemson University

Graduated from Strom Thurmond High School 1771

Work Experience

Teacher, Barnwell County Area Vocational School, Fall, 1976 -Spring, 1977

Teacher, Strom Thurmond High School, Fall, 1977 - Spring, 1980

Director of Youth Conservation Corp. United States Forest Service, Summer of 1978 and 1979

Principal, Johnston Elementary School, Fall, 1980 - Spring, 1984

Director, Strom Thurmond Career Center, Fall, 1984 - Present

My favorite sport is coonhunting