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Jennifer L. Sproull

I was born in State College, Pennsylvania almost 24 years ago. I think that's why I have blue blood flowing in my veins. As a young child I never missed a Penn State football game no matter what the weather was like. Today you can still find me glued to the television on football Saturdays trying to get a glimpse of the Nittany Lions. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and then to nobody's surprise I went to Penn State University to get my degree in Special Education. I now live here in Aiken with my cat named "Nittany" and teach special education at North Aiken Elementary. My parents are here in Aiken, but my older brother, Kevin, is living and working in Allentown, PA.

My hobbies include playing all sports - especially rugby - which I learned from playing for the Penn State Women's rugby team. I also love to travel because most of my family is in either Pennsylvania or Deleware. Not to mention that I never turn down a trip to Hilton Head Island either. Why???