Personal Page For
Vanessa L. Patten-Williams

About Me...

  • I graduated from Strom Thurmond High School in Edgefield, South Carolina. After a year of working and saving money, I attended the University of South Carolina at Aiken.

  • After graduating in the spring of 1990, I began teaching first grade at Douglas Elementary School in Trenton, South Carolina.

  • I really enjoy teaching first graders. The first graders and I can see major academic progress every few weeks. They come in unable to read, write, spell, add, subtract, tell time, count money, etc. They leave able to do all of the above plus much, much more!

    My Family...

  • I was married in June of 1996 to a wonderful man, Walter G. Williams. He is an ordained minister and a native of Colfax, Louisiana. We had a fabulous honeymoon onboard the "Fantasy", a Carnival Cruise Lines ship.

    My Interests...

  • Spending time with my husband
  • Advancing my career
  • Traveling
  • Taking a nap (as time permits)