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My name is Thomas McManus and I am an Instructor of Industrial Technologies. Most of you older web surfers would call it SHOP. It is no longercalled that. It is a place whereyou can learn life skills and job skill work ethics while teaching how to wire a house or build a Pump Lamp. My goal is to make Tax Payers not Tax Burdens.

My history I graduated from Niskayuna High School way back in 1975. I was young and confused and decided to go to college (the draft was stopped as of Feb. 29, 1975). I attended college in the New York State University System. The State University College at Oswego (SUCO) The State University College at Oswego Suck "O" for short.

I then taught for a year in Lansingburg New York home of TROYBUILT and the grave site of Uncle Sam. While teaching one day student pulled a gun on me over a grade so after the trial I decided that it would be a good time to get my Master Degree I applied and was accepted to Ball State University in Muncie Indiana on a full graduate assistance ship. The assistance ship was for ten months I only could afford ten months of graduate work so I completed my masters and returned to New York to teach in Fonda Fultonville (named after there most famous towns person Henry Fonda)

A Directory of links that I enjoy while wind surfing the net:

Where I have to earn a living as a Technology Instructor

The Company I still enjoy

A place I like to complain

A place every body should join

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