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Center of Excellence in Middle-level Interdisciplinary Strategies for Teaching (CE- MIST)

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Dr. Gary J. Senn, Director

The purpose of CE-MIST is to develop and model state-of-the-art in-service and pre-service teacher training programs that concentrate on interdisciplinary curriculum development and implementation at the middle school level.  CE-MIST will develop innovative practices that enable school personnel to improve student achievement; provide effective, sustained, high quality professional development; incorporate field-based teacher education programs that involve technology-based instructional techniques; and implement innovative practices for teaching children with diverse backgrounds and diverse learning styles.  CE-MIST will model these programs as it provides professional development for higher education faculty around the state of South Carolina.

CE-MIST is made possible under a grant from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education under the auspices of the Education Improvement Act (EIA) Teacher Education Centers of Excellence Grant Program.



Traveling Interdisciplinary Literacy Trunks (TILTs)
Available Kits, Implementation Guides, Unit Guides, Lesson Plans, Materials List


CE-MIST Programs for Middle Level Students
6-8 Students Links: Student Programs Lesson Information, Standards Correlations, Pre- and Post- Visit Activities, and Traveling Science Kits

CE-MIST Programs for Preservice Teachers
Service Learning Project

CE-MIST Presentations at Conferences
AMLE 2018 Orlando, FL
AMLE 2017 Philadelphia, PA
SCMSA 2017
AMLE 2016, Austin, TX

SCMSA 2016

AMLE 2015, Portland, OR
AMLE 2014 Nashville, TN
SCMSA 2014
AMLE 2013, Minneapolis, MN

SCMSA 2013

AMLE 2012, Portland, OR

SCMSA 2012
AMLE 2011, Louisville, KY

The Ruth Patrick Science Education Center on the campus of the University of South Carolina Aiken
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