CE-MIST Summer Institute 2012

Bridging the gap between standards-based assessment and inquiry-based instruction

In Partnership with Hands On: Real World Lessons for Middle School Classrooms at the University of Tennessee

June 11 & 12, 2012 from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Lunch provided)
Ruth Patrick Science Education Center at USCA

$25 Registration fee; $225 Stipend*
Lunch provided

Registration Deadlines: April 20 (CE-MIST Schools). May 11 (Open registration, as available)
Registration Form (pdf 137K)

Dr. Jennifer Richards, Research Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee
Dr. Amy Beavers, Assistant Professor, Lee University

Purpose of the Workshop: To use assessment tools effectively and bridging the gap between inquiry-based instruction and standards-based state assessment tests. There will be a focus on Common Core State Standards

Goals of the Workshop:

Structure of the Workshop: The workshop will be interactive and hands on, utilizing a combination of modeling demonstrations, seminar-style discussions, and strategic work sessions.

Please Bring:

Workshop Description:

Incorporating hands-on, inquiry based activities that are rooted in real-world applications allows students to connect what they learn in school to life outside the school walls. However, assessing this type of instruction, while also producing standards based evidence of student learning, is challenging. Well-constructed assessments enrich the instructional process for both students and teachers and offer enhanced learning opportunities for students, while providing evidence of instructional effectiveness and student progress. This workshop will present creative ways to integrate alternative, standards based assessments that support inquiry based instruction.

Workshop participants will engage in seminar-style discussion regarding challenges they face using standards-based assessments in inquiry-based classrooms. As a whole group we will brainstorm potential solutions to these challenges. The presenters will provide theoretical support for why such assessment tools are important and how to successfully adapt standards-based assessments to inquiry-based instruction. The presenters will also model effective assessment tools and provide examples for participants to take home. Finally, participants will form working groups to modify and develop their own assessment tools for use with instructional units.


*The $25 registration fee and $225 stipend result in a net payment of $200. A W-9 form is required with the registration form in order to receive the stipend.
Teachers will receive a certificate of participation at the completion of the workshop.

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